What is the RCNA?

The Rattan Creek Neighborhood Association is a community spirit organization made up of all of the residents of Rattan Creek; we plan events and provide communication to foster neighborhood appreciation and participation.  Membership in the RCNA is completely voluntary; it is not an HOA.  If you are not sure of exactly how an HOA compares to a neighborhood association, read the wikipedia.org entry on neighborhood associations here. Enforcement of deed restrictions, the handling of neighborhood complaints – we leave that stuff up to the MUD.  We just do the fun stuff!

As we mentioned, our MUD is our enforcement body, and is the closest thing we have to a Homeowner's Association. (Unless you are in The Bluffs - then yes you do have your own Homeowner's Association) Just keep in mind that while we do have deed restrictions in Rattan Creeek, they are not as restrictive as the restrictions of a formal Homeowner's Association. For better or worse, a lot of the parking issues, the yard care issues, and other similar type simply can't be addressed in this neighborhood, because we don't have the deed restrictions in place. However, the MUD does work closely with law enforcement, and even pays for extra patrols, in order to keep our neighborhood extremely safe. You can read more about our MUD here. And you can read more about our deed restrictions here.

If you do have something you want checked out - overgrown yard, parking issue, fencing, rental issues, etc - you can contact our deed restrictions management company, Sage Management. All there information is listed on the MUD site at this link.

Frequent Questions

The majority of our operating expense is split between scholarships and events for the community – Crawfish Boil, Members Only Pool Party, Easter Egg Hunt, Caroling in the Park, Movies in the Park, 4th of July parade, Rattan Fest, Women’s Book Club, Thanksgiving Day Flag Football, the Newsletter. And the more dues we receive, the more events we can plan!
Our home values are directly correlated with the spirit and sense of belonging in a neighborhood – just ask any of the realtors involved in our board. Even if you can’t participate in our activities, these events foster a sense of pride in our neighborhood, and hence, increase the value of our property!
Yes! We hold a monthly RCNA board of directors meeting every third Thursday of the month at the Community Center, and anyone in the neighborhood can attend!
Absolutely! We are a small group of working professionals that donate our time for the love of our neighborhood. Please help us brainstorm new activities that will increase participation and spirit! You can attend our monthly board meeting or send an email to president@rattancreek.org.
This website! Everything is here! You can also check our Online Neighborhood Groups Page to see what other groups are in the neighborhood. And if you know of a group that isn't included on that page, send an email to webmaster@rattancreek.org!
In 2014, we had 250 households pay membership dues. And in 2015, we had about 300 households pay membership dues. This is only a fraction of the ~2700 homes that make up our neighborhood. As we increase our dues paying members, we can add more music, movies, and kids events in the park; we can kick in a drink or two at happy hour; we can increase the budget for scholarships for very deserving high school community members; we can offer great raffles and door prizes at our events; and we can fund any ideas you might have to better our community!

Meet the Board

April Bliss

RCNA President

Brian Kerman

Vice President

Roman Lopez



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