We are always looking for volunteers to come help out at our various events, and also always on the lookout for new board members to come and take a more active role in the RCNA! We're all neighbors! Come visit us at a board meeting and find out how you can help make your Rattan Creek Neighborhood Association even more awesome!!

The RCNA board generally meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting around 7pm, subject to date or time change or cancellation for various reasons. We meet in the community center, which is the building next to the pool. For our meetings, enter through double glass front doors which you access from the parking lot. We are inside those doors to the immediate left in a large meeting room with lots of glass windows - we are very visible. If the front doors just so happen to be locked, knock on the glass and someone from the meeting will run over and let you in. You can find further information on the community center on the North Austin MUD Community Center Page. We would love to meet you and have you participate!

And if the vague directions above are not good enough, we've put together detailed instructions outlining exactly where we are. So from now on, saying "I'm not sure exactly where you are" is no longer a valid excuse for not coming to pay a visit your good old RCNA board during one of their engaging, entertaining, and information board meetings!

And in case you were wondering, which we are sure you are, we do have our RCNA By-Laws which you are free to review at any time!

If you have a specific item you want addressed at the board meeting, you may consider attending the MUD Board Meetings held the third Wednesday of the month. While the RCNA loves to see you at our meetings, and loves to hear what you have to say, a lot of times we don't have the jurisdiction or authority to address your specific issue. However, we will absolutely listen to whatever you have to say once we've concluded our official board business.

Upcoming Board Meetings

Date / Time Agenda Minutes

Past Board Meetings

Date / Time Agenda Minutes
01/18/2018 07:00pm Download Unvailable
12/21/2017 07:00pm Download Unvailable
11/16/2017 07:00pm Download Download
10/19/2017 07:00pm Download Download
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01/19/2017 07:00pm Download Download
12/15/2016 07:00pm Unvailable Download
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10/20/2016 07:00pm Download Download
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07/21/2016 07:00pm Download Download
06/16/2016 07:00pm Download Download
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04/21/2016 07:00pm Download Download
03/17/2016 07:00pm Download Download
02/18/2016 07:00pm Unvailable Download
12/17/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Unvailable
11/19/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Download
10/15/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Unvailable
09/17/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Unvailable
08/20/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Download
07/16/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Download
06/18/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Download
05/21/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Download
04/16/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Unvailable
03/19/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Unvailable
02/19/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Download
01/15/2015 07:00pm Unvailable Download
12/18/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Download
11/20/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Unvailable
10/16/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Download
09/18/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Download
08/21/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Download
07/17/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Download
06/19/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Download
05/15/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Unvailable
04/17/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Download
03/20/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Unvailable
02/20/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Unvailable
01/16/2014 07:00pm Unvailable Download