We want to mention here at the beginning that everyone on the RCNA Board is a volunteer. No-one is being paid or reimbursed in any way. We all have full time lives outside of our RCNA board duties - whether that life takes the form of a spouse, a partner, a job, a business, kids, pets, houses to maintain, vehicles to maintain, family & friends to socialize with, responsibilities to other organizations - or all of the above! We are all volunteers sacrificing other things in our lives to serve on the RCNA board and to serve the Rattan Creek neighborhood and most of all, to serve you and your interests in the best way we can.

Since all the board members have full-time lives outside of our RCNA obligations, we do the best we can, yet sometimes we do make mistakes. We are human and we gladly admit it. Just please, before you get too critical of us, please come to a board meeting and see firsthand how hard we are working for you. We need all of you not only to criticize, which is fine and welcome and a necessary part of the process of improvement, but also to actively participate!

Also keep in mind, the RCNA has no rule-making or enforcement authority whatsoever. So if you have a problem with a neighbor due to parking, or pets, or noises, or improper lot usage, the best thing to do is to either call the Williamson County Sheriff's non-emergency dispatch number at 512.864.8301, or to attend the next MUD Meeting and present your case there. All we can do at the RCNA is to advocate for our neighbors and our neighborhood to the MUD, and through the MUD to law enforcement.

And remember, the RCNA is a Neighborhood Association. We are not a Home Owners Association. An HOA has mandatory annual, or quarterly, or even monthly dues, that can in some cases run up to thousands of dollars per year, per household. And an HOA has a staff dedicated to the neighborhood, a staff which enforces the various neighborhood rules. We in Rattan Creek do NOT have mandatory HOA dues. The RCNA is not an HOA, and there is no HOA in Rattan Creek. And we do not any kind of staff driving around and taking pictures of grass that is 1 inch higher than allowed. Follow this link to read further about neighborhood associations on wikipedia.

So what exactly is the RCNA, and what is it that we actually do? We are a group of volunteers that care about our neighborhood and want to foster goodwill throughout the community, and keep and expand open dialogue between neighbors, with the vision of maintaining Rattan Creek's reputation as one of the best neighborhoods in Austin. We do that by advocating for you at the MUD meetings, and by organizing various neighborhood events to bring our neighbors together to get to know each other and foster that community feeling. And to accomplish all this, we need your help!

So come on out to an RCNA Board Meeting and share your ideas with us - and maybe even join the board in some capacity - or maybe just volunteer for an event you are particularly drawn to! There are simply not enough board members right now to do everything we want to do in the way we want do it, so we simply do the best we can. We wish we could pursue every good idea everyone has, but we simply don't have the time or resources. We need your help in whatever capacity you can give it! So come visit us and share your thoughts and ideas - and get involved!

According to the current RCNA By-Laws, the RCNA Board is composed of the following officers.

Title Name
President April Bliss
Overall management and vision of the organization
Point person for neighborhood communication
Attend MUD meetings
Write "President's Notes" in each issue of the newsletter
Recruit new board members and volunteers as needed
Help manage and be present at as many events as possible
Vice President Brian Kerman
Assist in the execution of all of the president's duties
Secretary OPEN
Keep minutes of each meeting
Handle assistant secretary/treasurer duties as needed
Treasurer Jason Wynne
Make bank deposit runs as needed
Manage payment portals, such as PayPal and Square
Bookkeeping and balancing of bank account
File annual tax returns
Handle distribution of money for scholarship winners
Create payment links to be distributed via newsletter, website, email, facebook, etc
Assistant Secretary / Treasurer OPEN
Check PO Box weekly
Maintain membership records - from mail in forms, event payments, paypal, square, and community center payments
Take meeting notes when secretary is absent
Generate meeting minutes when secretary is unable
Make bank desposits for treasurer when needed

Also, several committees are provided for in those same RCNA By-Laws. Unfortunately, most of these committees don't exist due simply to a lack of board members. Each committee, per the by-laws, should have a chairperson along with at least 2 committee members. So if you see a committee you are interested in, start attending our monthly RCNA board meetings and we will be more than happy to get you up to speed and let you run with whatever crazy idea you have for the neighborhood!

Title Name
Membership OPEN
Develop and execute "membership drive" events in the spring to drive memberships further
Be present at as many events as possible, helping out as needed
Set-up & break down the membership table at all events
Send out an email or something to acknowledge and thank members for their joining or renewals
Work or organize the manning of the RCNA membership table during events to encourage new or renewing memberships
Architectural Control Committee Brian Kerman, Dan Self, Nicholas Anderson
Review incoming ACC (Architectural Control Committee) forms for compliance with the resident's particular deed restriction
Contact the resident with the ACC's request for more information, or approval or rejection decision
Social Events Dallas Hall, April Bliss, and volunteers
Newsletter Publisher OPEN
Assemble the layout of the bi-monthly newsletter
Handle all communications with advertisers
Maintain a system to track ads (# of issues, payments, etc.)
Coordinate the printing and delivery of the newsletter
Actively seek out ideas for new content
If desired, build up a team to handle various aspects of the newsletter
Attend board meetings when possible to make sure upcoming event info is known
More Details Here!
Website Manager Roman Lopez
Update the RCNA website with event information
Ensure past newsletters are posted on the website
Post board meeting agendas & minutes on the website
Manage domain registration & hosting of the website
Keep the website content up to date with the upcoming events
Continue to add to the general value of the website by posting additional information
Maintain the online teen ads, the online sponsorships, and the online classified ads
Keep up with all other general site maintenance
Attend MUD meetings & Board meetings as possible to get latest news for website
Accept and implement input from board members and neighbors for additional information, edits & updates
Social Media Coordinator April Bliss
Create Facebook events corresponding to all the upcoming RCNA and beyond events
Post to the RCNA Facebook page at least once a week, more often when events are approaching
Post event reminders on all 3 (or more) various Facebook pages and also on Nextdoor
Post pictures from events in event folders on the RCNA Facebook page
Maintain the Sparkles Rattan profile and build up the friends list for ease of inviting to events
Email Manager April Bliss
Send out emails on a regular basis
Work with the membership coordinator to manage the email list
Work with treasurer to create and include links and graphics for event RSVPs
Attend MUD meetings & Board meetings to get latest event information for emails
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator OPEN
Take initiative to locate various neighborhood watch documentation online and read through it
Work with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office to set up and maintain the neighborhood watch
Manage the various block captains
Recruit new block captains as needed
Set up / maintain neigbhorhood watch communication channels - Facebook, email, Nextdoor, etc
Schedule, organize, and run neigborhood watch meetings, integrating the Sheriff's office, as required or desired
Community Garden Coordinator OPEN
Take initiative to locate various neighborhood watch documentation online and read through it
Work with Williamson County Sheriff's Office to set up and maintain the neighborhood watch
Manage the various block captains
Recruit new block captains as needed
Set up / maintain neigbhorhood watch communication channels as desired - Facebook, email, Nextdoor, etc
Hold neigborhood watch meetings as required
Streets & Utilities OPEN
Greenbelt OPEN
Safety, Security & Health OPEN
School Activities OPEN

So come on out and visit us! Need help finding the location for the monthly RCNA board meetings? Well, fortunately for you, here are very clear and precise directions to the monthly RCNA board meeting meeting location.

And for those of you that are truly curious - we've provided details of the various officer and committee member responsibilities below. Additional position information will be added over time.

Also, the various officer responsibility descriptions below are not taken directly from the RCNA By-Laws, which for the record start on page 3, in article 4 and item 6, and you are free to read, but instead are real world normal descriptions that people without 3 years of law school can read and understand.