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  • Here are the exact directions to get you to our annual RCNA crawfish boil held in our beautiful Rattan Creek Park! Keep in mind, this is how things played out in past years. We hope to keep it the same this year. Just please have some patience with us if things don't go exactly according to plan!

    Crawfish Boil Location Map 1

    This first image above is more of an overview map to give you a sense of exactly where the Rattan Creek Park Community Center is located. You should know, or easily be able to find, Dallas Dr, Tamayo Dr, and/or Elkhorn Mountain Trail for a frame of reference.

    The green line above is Dallas Drive.
    The blue line above is Tamayo Drive.
    The red line above is Elkhorn Mountain Trail.

    The white circle with the 1 next to it is the Rattan Creek Park Community Center. We will be very close to this, just to the northeast in the park. Keep going and you will know exactly where we will be.

    Crawfish Boil Location Map 2

    In the second image we approach the park from the air. The red lines show all the street parking available. The Community Center parking lot will fill up fast, so most of us will probably be parking along the street. The red circle indicatss the general area where we will be.

    Crawfish Boil Location Map 3

    The third picture just blows up the park a bit more and again indicates the general location where we'll be.

    Crawfish Boil Location Map 4

    The final image blows up the area of the park where we will waiting for you! The solid red rectangle just above the tennis courts is where the RCNA check-in table will be. When you arrive, stop by and let us know you are! The red square indicates the band area, so we'll keep the front of that clear of tables. The red circle indicates where the cooks will be hard at workto make sure you have plenty of crawfish and assorted accessories to eat. The red lines indicate the feeding area - tables will be set up and loaded up with crawfish for you to put down like the crawfish eating pro you know you are or want to be!

    Thus endeth the official crawfish boil location map guide!

    Hope to see you at the next one!

We are accepting sponsors for this event. If you want to make a donation of at least $100, you are welcome to provide literature at the RCNA table and we will also include a link to your website on our Crawfish Boil page. Send an email to for details.

NO GLASS CONTAINERS! We've been asked to communicate a very clear message about glass containers for the crawfish boil (and all events at the park or pool) by the park management team. There are absolutely no glass containers allowed whatsoever in the park or in the pool - ever! If you bring anything in a glass container, it will be confiscated (for future off-premises consumption by someone who is not you) and you will be asked to immediately leave the event, in this case the crawfish boil! This is something that is not under the control of the RCNA, this is something the park management team enforces. We at the RCNA fully support them, they give us leeway on some other things, and we are going to do everything we can to follow their rules. They take their ban on glass very seriously and so should you! Please make all necessary arrangements for NO GLASS CONTAINERS!

Keep in mind that this is a family friendly neighborhood event. If you are not eating crawfish - NO PROBLEM! Please feel free to bring your own food (or just show up) and to come hang out with your neighbors! We welcome all of you in the neighborhood to join us!

If past years are any indication, our cooks will have roughly 3 to 5 batches of crawfish ready right at start time. Don't be shy about getting there early - there will be plenty of crawfish and they will be ready for consumption! And remember, we cannot guarantee you will get any crawfish if you show up late, and unfortunately there are no day of refunds. So if you are expecting to feed - get there on time and dig in!

Our awesome neighborhood bands will kick off a little later, giving folks time to eat and enjoy a couple of beers, and of course socialize with their neighbors!

Even though we are selling "tickets" to the crawfish boil, you don't need to bring print-outs or anything like that. Just check in with us at the RCNA table and we will record your attendance via our attendance list from eventbrite.

So what exactly does a "ticket" include? We'll provide water, tea, a couple of kegs (which are ALWAYS donated), 3-4 (unmeasured) pounds of crawfish per person, along with the POSSIBILITY of potatoes, corn, mushrooms, sausage, garlic, etc - what we can include depends on how much crawfish cost and how many people pay to attend. Basically, the cheaper the crawfish and the bigger the budget, the more extras we can supply! The ticket price also covers all the supplies needed including table covers, serving bins, propane, and all the other miscellaneous costs associated with an event like this.

The cooks do a phenomenal job. And speaking of our amazing volunteer cooks, we are always in need of extra volunteers to help out with setup, to help out with the delivery of food from the cooks to the tables, to help out with trash throughout the event, and to help with the final clean up. So if you are interested in helping out, please send an email to Will Washington at! And if you have any high school seniors that want to apply for our Annual RCNA Scholarship this year or at some point in the future, this event is a great opportunity for them to earn their required RCNA volunteer hours! There is a free t-shirt in it for all volunteers!

We should once again be eating social style as we have in years past - tables will be set up and people can wander around aimlessly and eat as they please from anywhere they can belly up to a table and reach some food.

Feel free to bring folding chairs, your special crawfish boil accessories, any condiments you like (maybe cocktail sauce for the potatoes), pop-up tents if you want to set up a bit away from everyone, your own camping or folding tables if you want to create your own special feeding space, and of course your appetite! We are pretty well covered by trees so sunscreen is not essential, but of course bring it if you feel it is necessary! Basically - if you bring it you won't need it, if you don't bring it - you will!

The community center should be open by noon if you need to use the indoor facilities. Parking is available in the community center parking lot and all around the park.

If you have any additional questions, send an email to! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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