We are sending out weekly emails. If you have signed up, but are not receiving emails, maybe the emails are going to an older email address, or maybe they are going to your spam folder. If you haven't signed up yet, the time is now!

Email is one of our three major means of communicating with you, the other two being our RCNA Facebook Page and of course this website. We hope you decide to sign up to receive emails from us!

It is worth noting that we will NEVER sell your email to any third parties. We are all neighbors and friends, a lot of us get these emails, and we don't want random spam filling up your inboxes or ours - we almost all get way more than enough spam as it is. Your email address is safe with us!

We also make it extremely easy to unsubscribe. We understand that people move, or are trying to reduce email, or can get the information from other sources, or for whatever other reason want to unsubscribe. And we want to make the unsubscribe process as simple and easy as possible. We include an unsubscribe button at the very top of every email we send, and you can unsubscribe for any reason at any time with no hassle and no explanation. Once you click that unsubscribe button, unsubscribing is automated and it is instant - and it is done. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Also a note about "whitelisting". Whitelisting is simply a process undertaken to make sure that an email from a particular sender, in this case your RCNA, never ends up in your spam folder. Our emails are currently sent from news@rattancreek.org, and here is an excellent article on how to whitelist email. So if you like, take a quick gander and follow the instructions for your particular email provider.

And now, without further ado, it is finally time to add your name to the Rattan Creek Neighborhood Association E-Mail List! It is time for you stay up to date with all the fun activities going on in our neighborhood - and be the envy of all your neighbors (maybe)! Just look over to the top right of this website, along the right sidebar, and enter your email address where it says "E-mail", then click submit, and you'll be whisked away to our email subscription page!

Thanks so much for joining the email list! Hopefully we'll see you around the neighborhood soon - stop by the RCNA table at any RCNA sponsored event or find an RCNA board member and introduce yourself! Or stop by one of our monthly board meetings and experience the madness behind the magic firsthand!

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