Do you live in Rattan Creek? Do you own OR rent OR lease a house or apartment? Do you pay the North Austin MUD #1 for your water & sewage? Then go ahead and join the RCNA now and help us fund our various RCNA organized events throughout the year along with our annual RCNA scholarship!

We do get asked by people relatively often, "what do I get for my membership?" It is a fair question, however, that question indicates that the true purpose of the RCNA is being missed. We are not a for-profit entity like the MUD, where you give us money and we provide you with items or services. We are a non-profit entity, and all of our money comes from sponsorships and memberships. We rely on the generosity and participation of our neighbors to pay the totally voluntary $25 annual dues so that we may provide scholarships to neighborhood college bound students and fund all the various activities we hold throughout the year - including the Easter Egg Hunt, the Members Only Pool Party, and Rattan Fest.

While the MUD gives us use of the park & pool for various events, and they may provide light snacks on occasion, it is the RCNA that is organizing and funding most of these events again with only our sponsorship and membership money, and we'd like to think that is enough for you to want to eagerly pay your $25 annual dues to the RCNA.

The realtors in Rattan Creek all agree that the RCNA has played a crucial part in keeping our home values high and making this neighborhood one of the most desirable places to live in Austin. So even if you don’t participate in our events, you still receive the benefits of a strong community and a powerful voice – so please consider joining today!

As a reminder, membership is good for the CALENDAR YEAR in which you pay it, unless you pay at Rattan Fest or later, which is usually in late September. If you pay at Rattan Fest or later, we roll the membership over to the following year.

There are big buttons below for joining below, or you can click here to pay via paypal or you can download and fill out our printable mail-in form..

Keep in mind, we do collect your email on our mail-in form, mainly in case there is a problem with your payment, or we need to get in touch with you for another reason. We do not add you to our email distribution list. We rely on you to add yourself to our email distribution list. And we will never sell or use your email for anything other than official RCNA communication.

Another way to pay for your annual RCNA membership is to stop by the Rattan Creek Park Community Center where they are always happy to accept your annual membership dues payment for the RCNA and hold it for us. Even though though the community center is not associated with the RCNA, it is actually controlled by the MUD, it is just one example of how we all cooperate and work together in the neighborhood!

You can also look for an RCNA table at any of our events, or you can come to any of our monthly board meetings.

Remember, your totally voluntary annual membership helps not only to pay for our annual scholarships, but also helps to pay for all the events we put on throughout the year for you and the rest of your neighbors, including our Easter egg hunt, our crawfish boil, our possible movie nights in the park, our members only family day at the pool, our Independence Day parade, our adult swim, our Rattan Fest & Deer Park Ranger 5K, and our caroling in the park. So please sign up or renew your membership right now, and help us continue hosting all these events and potentially add even more! And in case you didn't know, we are ALWAYS open to new event ideas & suggestions, so please don't hesitate to send us an email, or even better, stop by for one of our monthly board meetings!

It is unfortuante, but many of you out there still aren't convinced and still don't feel compelled to join up with the RCNA. You don't go to the events, you don't really care about the scholarships that we hand out to the local college bound teens, you don't really feel like you want to be that involved with the neighborhood, and we understand. Or perhaps if we could only do something about the speeders, or the street parking, or the uncut lawns, or the off leash dogs, or the random spats of crime, or the disrespectful teens in the park, you would be more willing to join.

The fact is, the RCNA doesn't have the authority for that, and right now we don't have the volunteers to even effectively act on any of that. Remembber, the only way the RCNA even exists is with your support AND your participation. So even if you don't feel like the RCNA is worthy of your $25 voluntary dues per year right now, we still love you and we hope that one day in the future you'll see the merit of joining up with the RCNA, not because you are getting something out of it, but because you simply want to support your neighborhood and help add to all of the neighborly goodwill that an organization like the RCNA can generate.