The last Members Only - Pool Party was on: June 10, 2017 at 01:00pm and the next one has not been scheduled

Welcoming all Paid RCNA Members to our Annual Members Only Pool Party!

Our Members Only Pool Party is an annual event for all ages sponsored & organized by the RCNA, with MUD & Pool Management approval and participation, and open ONLY to dues paying RCNA members. The MUD closes down the pool to the public for this event, and the RCNA membership takes it over! Keep in mind, this means that if you have a pool pass, but are not a member of the RCNA - you are NOT getting in! And put the opposite way, you do NOT need a pool pass for this event, just your RCNA membership! So pay those dues!

Remember, this event is rain or shine! So if we get rained out, we simply move the party into the community center! We'll have a donated keg and we'll have PLENTY of food! So don't let the weather scare you away! Come enjoy some time with your neighbors!

And just in case you are interested, you can find out more about the pool and pool passes here.

NO GLASS CONTAINERS! We've been asked to communicate a very clear and strong message about glass containers for the Annual RCNA Members Only Pool Party (and all events at the park or pool) by the pool management team. There are absolutely no glass containers allowed whatsoever in the pool area - ever! If you bring anything in a glass container, it will be confiscated (for future off-premises consumption by someone who is not you) and you could be asked to immediately leave the pool area! This is something that is not under the control of the RCNA, this is something the pool management team enforces. We at the RCNA fully support them, they give us leeway on some other things, and we are going to do everything we can to follow their rules. They take their ban on glass very seriously, so do we, and so should you! Please make all necessary arrangements for NO GLASS CONTAINERS!

We hope to see you there!!