North Austin MUD #1

Here we will do our best to explain the MUD and all the various MUD details. If you have a question that isn't answered, send an email to and we'll find an answer for you, and get the answer added to this page, or somewhere else on the website! You can always visit the MUD website for more information.

We also have a couple of other MUD related pages here on our website, one discussing the monthly MUD meetings, and one with some additional random MUD information.

How does North Austin MUD #1 (NAMUD1) work?

The MUD is our municipal governing body. They oversee the park, the pool, deed restriction enforcement, and utilities. They work with the city to keep our rates low. They provide key services like awesome trash and recycling services. Basically, for our neighborhood, they are the LAW. You could say that they serve as a limited Homeowner's Association. They work closely with law enforcement to provide extra patrols in our neighborhood. When our crime statistics are compared with just about any other surrounding neighborhood, we are the lowest.

If you do have something you want checked out - overgrown yard, parking issue, fencing, rental issues, etc - you can contact our deed restrictions management company, Sage Management. All there information is listed on the MUD site at this link.

What is a MUD?

A Municipal Utility District (MUD) is a political subdivision of the State of Texas authorized by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to provide water, sewage, drainage, and other services within the MUD boundaries.

How is a MUD created?

Developers must petition the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality to create a MUD. Developers are prohibited from serving or placing employees, business associates, or family members on the MUD Board of Directors. Developers must pay for or put up a letter of credit equal to 30% of the cost of subdivision utilities. This requirement ensures against "fly-by-night operators" who are not committed to the success of the MUD. The "30% Rule" also offers protection to MUD residents in the event that a subdivision is not built according to schedule. Unless they are voting residents within a MUD, developers have no authority or control over the MUD's Board of Directors. If they are voting members of a district, they have the same power to vote and attend Board meetings as any other resident.

Who controls the MUD?

The NAMUD1 Board of Directors consists of 5 elected Directors. The NA MUD#1 Board of Director elections are held every other year, staggering 2 or 3 directors' positions each year. The Directors are elected to 4 year terms.

Who is eligible to run for NA MUD#1 Board of Director positions?

A person interesting in running must be 18 years or older and either be a resident or property owner in the district.

When are elections held?

They are held with general elections in November every other year.

Who can vote?

Anyone eligible to vote in the general election can vote for the Director positions. The Director positions up for election will be on the regular November ballot. To participate, make sure to register to vote via the normal process.

How do MUDs provide for parks, pools and recreation facilities?

In addition to their common functions of water and wastewater service, MUDs are legally empowered to engage in conservation, irrigation, electrical generation, firefighting, solid waste collection and disposal, and recreational activities (such as parks, swimming pools, sports courts and community centers). A MUD can provide for itself the recreational amenities that are approved by the Board of Directors and funded by the District.

Can the area be annexed by the City?

When the MUD was created, the developer agreed, in the Consent Agreement, that the City of Austin may one day annex the area.

MUD Information

Our Municipal Utility District, the North Austin Municipal Utility District #1, maintains an excellent website at We will include some of the more important links from that site on this page. However, if you are looking for something in particular that is not listed below, check them out! If you really feel we should include something on this page - just send an email to and it will get fixed lickety-split!

Remember that the MUD and the RCNA are completely separate and distinct entities. The RCNA is a neighbhorhood association, not a homeowners association. The RCNA has absolutely no enforcement powers whatsoever. All neighborhood complaints - off-leash dogs, PO Box break-ins, speeding, vandalism, utility concerns - are best brought to the monthly MUD meetings.

We've also created a couple of other MUD related web pages. One has all kinds of additional information about Municipal Utility Districts in general and our MUD specifically. Check out that page here to answer your specific questions about our MUD - The North Austin MUD #1. We've also set up a page discussing the montlhy MUD Board Meetings. You can check out that page here.

Winter Wastewater Averaging

Winter wastewater averaging dates this year are November 12th, 2015 through February 12th, 2016. Here is a document on the MUD website which goes into further detail.

Street Lights

If you are having problems with any street lights, the MUD has created an online form to fill out and submit. You can which you can quickly and easily fill out and submit all online.

MUD Meetings

The MUD also meets in the Community Center at the same location the RCNA Board Meets on Thursdays. Typically the MUD Meetings are the Wednesday before the RCNA Board Meetings. For a detailed list of meeting dates, please visit the MUD Meetings page on their site!