The last Neighborhood Garage Sale was on: September 30, 2017 and the next one has not been scheduled

Twice a year the RCNA advertises our neighborhood-wide garage sale - one in the spring and one in the fall. You may think the dates are arbitrary and somehow controlled by the RCNA - in reality they are not! We do our best to schedule the garage sales to be a week or two before our biannual bulk item trash pickup, which is scheduled between our MUD and Round Rock Refuse. Usually the MUD schedules the bulk trash pick-up to be "around" the time change, and that depends on what works for the Round Rock Refuse schedule.

You are of course free to schedule a yard or garage sale whenever you want - you are absolutely not required to wait for the neighbhorhood wide garage sale date!

What exactly does "neighborhood wide garage sale" actually mean?

All it means is that since bulk item trash pickup is coming soon, this is an opportunity for everyone to sell their stuff before it gets put into a landfill. And since there is power in numbers, we are just trying to make our neighborhood a garage sale destination spot twice a year. So no, there is no huge flea market style sale going on at the community center. It is simply a weekend for everyone to have their own individual garage sales, but to have it along with everyone else, and hopefully attract more garage sale traffic across the entire neighborhood than an individual garage sale would attract by itself on a random weekend.

We advertise each neighborhood-wide garage sale in several different sources, which may include the Austin American Statesman, Craigslist, Community Impact, NextDoor, and Facebook, for the entire neighborhood. Of course we recommend that you also post your individual garage sales in and on whatever you like - and feel free to mention that the weekend is a neighborhood wide event in your individual ads. We also encourage you to put up your own signs. We are dramatically more powerful when we combine our efforts!

You do not have to notify us if you plan to participate. Again, run your own ads, put up your own signs. Our advertising is limited to us just announcing to the greater Austin area - HEY - LOTS OF GARAGE SALES IN THIS AWESOME NEIGHBORHOOD - COME CHECK IT OUT! But it is up to each of you individually to drive traffic to your particular garage sale.

And if you have any additional advertising recommendations - send an email to and we'll be sure to add your ideas and suggestions to our growing list of advertising options!