Surprise! Or maybe not. Currently there is NO organized neighborhood watch in Rattan Creek. How would a neighborhood watch be put together? Folks would have to come to an RCNA Board Meeting and express an interest in getting involved.

What would organizing a neighborhood watch entail? What would be the duties? What would be the responsibilities? What would be the commitment? The fact is, we don't know. We don't yet have someone who is willing to step forward and put in the undoubtedly considerable work it would take to create this organization for our neighborhood and figure out all the details involved.

However, there are neighbors who have participated in the Rattan Creek Neighborhood Watch in the past, and they would be more than happy to share their experiences and knowledge with anyone who would be willing to take on this role.

While the neighborhood watch is under the purview of the RCNA, keep in mind that the RCNA is made up of VOLUTNEERS with full-time lives - jobs, families, houses, vehicles, and many other demands on their time. We need many additional folks to volunteer for this if we are going to have a neighborhood watch. So come out to a board meeting and tackle this beast!

If there is ever a change in the status of our currently non-existent neighborhood watch, this is the page to check! And if are willing to help organize a neighborhood watch, please send an email to And keep in mind, sending an email suggesting that we "go here to this website and check it out there is some good stuff about neighborhood watches there" is not what we are looking for. We are looking for people who are going to roll up their sleeves, make a commitment, get involved. and do that type of research themselves.

Bottom line, we need an owner and main driver of this. Until we have that, there will be no neighborhood watch in Rattan Creek. Sending us an email saying "I'm willing to help out just let me know what to do" is unfortunately meaningless until we have the driver - the owner. We don't know what to do, and currently we don't have the bodies or anyone willing to put the work and effort in to organize this and figure out what to do. Again, sending an email saying "I want to see a neighborhood watch and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen" is what we are looking for, and then showing up to meetings, reading whatever literature there is online, and organizing the neighborhood watch meetings - that is what we need someone to do.

However, just because there is no neighborhood watch, doesn't mean that we as residents can't exchange information with each other. You can check the Rattan Creek Neighborhood Facebook Group (not to be confused with the Rattan Creek Neighborhood Association Facebook Page), or you can check the Nextdoor website and if something is going on you can be sure someone has posted about it on Facebook or Nextdoor - or both. Everyone is very good about keeping each other notified if any funny business is going on. But you have to be plugged in and paying attention to get that information.

We look forward to seeing you at a future RCNA Board Meeting!