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RCNA Facebook Group

The Rattan Creek Neighborhood Association maintains a Facebook group which can contain up to the minute updates about our events and things going on around the neighborhood, which are continually posted by our wonderful neighbors. You can join the group now and start to participate in the conversations, and ask questions of your RCNA!

RCNA LinkedIn Group

The Rattan Fest Neighborhood Association also maintains a LinkedIn group for those of us that want to pursue professional connections around the neighborhood. We don't currently plan any special LinkinIn networking events beyond what we already do, including our monthly happy hours. However, if the group becomes large enough, we can always organize some more formal networking events for those interested. But the first thing you have to do is to join our LinkedIn group.

The website is a site that is arguably better than facebook for posting all kinds of non-RCNA related stuff. Babysitters, missing pets, classifieds, high speed internet problems, handyman recommendations, crime reports, any random old question can be posted here. And participation in the site is most definitely growing. It is really easy to sign up, although you have to provide your name, address, and an email address. However, Nextdoor is MUCH more private than Facebook, you are limited to seeing posts in certain neighborhoods, which means others are as well - so no public snooping or exposure. It is a great website with lots of participation from the neighborhood. So go ahead and SIGN UP NOW!

Rattan Creek Neighborhood Facebook Group

The purpose of this group is to be an open forum for Rattan Creek residents and neighbors. Sign up for notifications in the upper right hand corner to be notified when someone posts a new topic! This page claims no affiliation to the Rattan Creek Neighborhood Association, and the thoughts and views expressed here are not representative of the RCNA. Go check out the Rattan Creek Neighborhood Facebook group.

Rattan Creek Women's Book Club

If you love to read, we would love to have you join us. We meet in members' homes the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm for about 1-1/2 hours to discuss books chosen in advance by members. There is no fee to join. Members are of all ages. We do not focus on any particular genre, and read fiction and non-fiction. We invite you to attend even if you haven't read or finished the book. Get more information by going to our facebook page or by sending an e-mail to

Rattan Creek Dog Lovers Facebook Page

Most dogs benefit by socializing and playing with other dogs. They learn the difference between preferred and inappropriate behaviors. They get to play in ways that most owners can't facilitate, and they can wear themselves out to a point that helps decrease inappropriate behavior at home. All dogs are welcome, but please be sure to have aggressive tendencies and control issues well managed before introducing your dog to others. NOTE: NAMUD #1 requires that dogs be on leash at all times in the Rattan Creek Park and greenbelt. Check out the Rattan Creek Dog Lovers Facebook Page.

Rattan Creek Home Schoolers Facebook Group

Hey there! If you're a homeschooler in the Rattan Creek neighborhood of Austin (or nearby), this is the group for you! Rattan Creek Homeschoolers is an inclusive group, so whether you're a secular or faith-based homeschooler, we're happy to see you (as long as everyone remains respectful of each other's beliefs, of course.) All we care about is creating a fun, friendly homeschooling community in the neighborhood. To find out about meet-ups, meet your fellow homeschoolers, and our weekly play date, join our group on Facebook.

Rattan Creek Tots Playgroup Facebook Group

Live in Rattan Creek neighborhood in Austin? Have little ones looking for new friends? Come play with us! We are always up for an adventure! Feel free to introduce yourself & your children on this page & post date/time/location of your play date. Anyone is free to create an event/post a play date. In or near our area is preferred. Totally ok to sell your gently used baby/kid items on this page. Go for it! Go check out the Rattan Creek Tota Playgroup on Facebook!

Rattan Creek Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook Group

This is a place for members of our neighborhood to list items for Buy-Trade-Sale. The group is largely unregulated. If you are posting as a business, please limit yourself to listing once a month. The purpose of this group is to provide a place for neighbor to neighbor transactions. Once an item is sold, please mark it as such. Go check out the Rattan Creek Buy, Sell, Trade Facebook Group!

Chad's Bench

Chad's bench is a memorial for Cpl. Chad Eric Oligschlager. For more information visit: