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Real Estate

Brian Kerman, REALTOR®

Brian is an award winning RE/MAX Capital City REALTOR® in the Greater Austin area serving the Rattan Creek Community for over 17 years. Brian is well versed on all current real estate trends and technology. With Brian you’re getting an experienced and professional real estate specialist. Call 512.921.4490 today! 6/17

Laurie Flood, Realtor

Laurie has lived in the neighborhood since 1997. Working for Keller Williams Realty, she is the #1 selling Realtor in NW Austin, selling 80 homes in the Rattan Creek area in just the past 2 years! Call Laurie at 512-576-1504 to see why so many neighbors trust Laurie with buying and selling homes. 6/17


Well Done Screen Repair

Why live with flying pests indoors! Repair or replace your missing or torn window screens. Enjoy Texas breezes again without the critters. Use your Rattan Creek Coupon at and begin your repairs today.10/17

Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom offers a wide variety of showers, sinks, vanities and more. With such a huge selection, they are sure to have exactly what you are looking for to give your bathroom a new look. For more information, please visit our website. 7/17

Disaster Relief

DKI Services

DKI Services offers a variety of different disaster relief services. Some of their services include mold remediation, tree removal, and reconstruction. To learn more about how DKI Services can help you in a disaster, please visit their website. 7/17

Free Listings

Buy-A-Brick For Chad's Bench

Participate in the buy a brick program for Cpl. Chad Eric Oligschlaeger's Veterans Memorial Bench and help heal our wouded veterans. Read all about Cpl. Oligschlaeger at 12/99

RCNA Sponsor FAQ

Thank you SO MUCH for your interest in becoming an online sponsor of the RCNA! Here is all the information you need so that you can make the choice to participate!

What if I have a teen service ad?

We are handling teen services ads on separate page on the website. Teen services also have a separate page. Teen services listings are free for ALL teens in the neighborhood, no requirement to be an RCNA member. You can check out our teen services ads listing here.

How Does This Online Sponsorship Process Work?

You'll first go below and you will the RCNA Online Sponsorship Form to submit. After you receive a success post, you will then click below to the RCNA Online Sponsorship Payment and submit your payment. Once we receive both we will work on getting you added to the website!

Alternatively, you can fill out the mail in online sponsorship form, and send that in with a check, and we'll get you taken care of that way.

What Is The Cost?

Cost is $50 for RCNA members and $100 for non-members. We offer the convenient additional option of paying for your membership when you pay for your sponsorship, which is $75 total. Just follow the process and when you get to the payment page what you need to do will be very easy and obvious.

What Do I Get?

You get your business name (75 character max) on the top line, then up to 300 characters, including spaces, for your listing, which will be added to our RCNA Sponsors page. You can include as many links as you like anywhere in your listing, as long as you meet the character count constraints.

Can I Use My Business Logo Or Banner or Other Graphic?

No. Unfortunately we are going to be using text and HTML links at this point, no graphics.

How Long Will My Listing Last?

Your listing will last for one full year from the month of purchase. So if your listing is posted to the wesbite on May 15th, 2016, that listing will expire on May 31st, 2017. There will be a date added to the end of your listing which indicates the expiration month and year. So in the case of an expiration of May 31st, 2017, you'll see 5/2017 appended to the end of your listing. When you renew, that expiration date will be updated according to your new expiration date. Your expiration is dependent on when we post your listing, not when you submit or pay for your listing. At this time we are only accepting sponsor payments for one year at a time.

What If You Get My Listing Expiration Wrong?

Simply send an email to and we'll get you all straightened out.

Will My Listing Be Included In The Newsletter?

No, the newsletter ads are completely separate from the online ads. More information to follow once the newsletter is active again.

Where/What Is My Business Category?

As we get new sponsors, we will add new business categories as needed or requested. If you don't like the category you have been placed in, simply send an email to along with your listing, and a new category preference, and we'll get you updated.

Am I Able To Update My Listing?

Absolutely! Simply send an email to with your current listing and your new listing and we'll get you updated as quickly as possible. Keep in mind, this website is not the place to run weekly or monthly specials or anything like that, we are not going to update your listing that frequently. Our webmaster is a volunteer, and we don't want to overwork her or him. Your listing on this website is best as a mostly static listing with a link to your website or Facebook page, and that is where you can handle the weekly and monthly specials. Still, if something does change, we are very happy to update your listing for you.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Sponsorship Listing Posted?

It could take potentially take a week or more for your listing to be posted on the website. Remember our webmaster is a volunteer! Just be patient, and keep in mind that your expiration date depends on when we POST your listing to the sponsors page. It does not depend on the day you submit or pay for your listing. Also remember to refresh your browser to make sure and see the latest version of the sponsor page when checking to see if your ad has been listed.

What Will My Listing Look Like?

Here is a self-serving example:

Rattan Creek Neighborhood Association
Join the RCNA today! Our neighborhood remains one of the top in demand neighborhoods in the Austin area! With our year round heated pool, beautiful park system, and amazing community center, we at the RCNA make use of these resources to provide fun events for everyone in the hood! Join today! 4/17

How Will I Renew My Sponsorship?

By the end of 2016, and probably much earlier, we will have a renewal page in place on this website where you can skip the long version of the online or mail-in form and very easily pay for your sponsorship renewal. Again, we'll include an option to pay for both your renewal and your RCNA membership. Any updates that need to be made to your listing can simply be emailed to

Wait, I Have A Different Question!

If you have any other questions, please send an email to, and we'll not only get your question answered, we'll probably even add that information to this page so that others can learn from your inquiry! Great job question asker!!

RCNA Sponsor Form

This is a 2 step process:

  • Step 1: Fill out the online form below. Once this form has been successfully submitted, please click the Payment tab to proceed with your Sponsorship Payment

  • Step 2: Pay for your sponsorship via PayPal. The information you submit below via the online form does not get listed on the sponsors page until AFTER we have received your payment.

If you prefer to mail in a check, you can download and fill out our printable Online Sponsor Form and mail it in to the address listed on the form itself, along with a check for the required amount.

Remember that we are only doing text based listings at this point, similar to classified ads. We are not doing logos or other graphics.

If you have already submitted your RCNA Online Sponsor Information Form and just need to pay by clicking on the Payment tab at the top!.

Sponsor Payment Form

Payment Form

If you are already a paid dues member of the RCNA, you can select the $50 option below. If you paid your RCNA dues before Rattan Fest of last year, you are not current.

If you'd like to pay your RCNA dues right now along with paying for your sponsorship, select the $75 dollar option below.

If you choose not to become an RCNA member, or renew your RCNA membership, select the $100 option below.

Feel free to email any questions you have to

Already a RCNA Member
  • $50 / year
  • Business Name Listed on Sponsor Page
  • 1 Year Online Sponsorship
Includes RCNA Membership
  • $75 / year
  • Business Name Listed on Sponsor Page
  • 1 Year Online Sponsorship
  • 1 Year RCNA Membership

Non-RCNA Member Online Sponsorship

Exludes RCNA Membership
  • $100 / year
  • Business Name Listed on Sponsor Page
  • 1 Year Online Sponsorship