Rattan Creek Park Community Center

The ultimate goal of the town hall meetings is to have a constructive dialogue between the residents and the leadership of our great community.

The town hall meeting is generally sponsored by the MUD, with the MUD inviting and including others. In the past the participants have included your MUD, the RCNA, the Williamson County Sheriff's Department, the Jollyville Fire Department, the community center General Manager, and the MUD district general manager. This is your chance to come hear first hand what is happening in your neighborhood. Projects for the next year will be outlined, and clarification will be given to the project prioritization. Other topics in the past have included the responsibilities of the MUD, MUD special projects, tax and utility rates, the RCNA mission and why to join, crime in the neighborhood, and reports about the pool & parks. There is also plenty of time to address questions and concerns from the audience at the end of the various presentations.

The Town Hall meeting takes place inside our Rattan Creek Park Community Center. You can simply enter through the doors by the community center parking lot along Elkhorn Mountain, with a quick left, a quick right, go straight past the water fountains and bathrooms on the right, and through the double doors into the "great hall". This is where the action is.

The normal 6:30pm start time is actually a "meet and greet" with light refreshments being served. The real business typically starts around 7:00pm. The presentation generally lasts 30-60 minutes, and then a Q&A session will start after the presentation, and that also generally doesn't last more than 30-60 minutes. So please plan to participate in the next Town Hall. Come hear what the leadership has to say, and the leadership will hear what you have to say - and we'll have yet another very constructive, productive dialogue!

So if you've ever complained or wondered about crime & theft, dogs off leash, street parking, sidewalks, new neighborhood events, homes turned into rentals, kids on bicycles, tax rates - or anything - you should definitely consider attending this meeting so that your concerns can1 be addressed and your questions answered. And most of all, you can provide input into what matters to you most as a resident