The last Bulk Trash Pickup was on: October 07, 2017 at 06:00am and the next one has not been scheduled

Our trash service is currently provided by Round Rock Refuse. Round Rock Refuse is contracted out by our MUD - North Austin MUD #1. Remember, the RCNA and our MUD are completely separate and distinct entities.

Trash is picked up every Monday. Recycling is picked up every other Monday according to your location in Rattan Creek.

Random notes about trash: We do schedule 2 bulk trash pick-ups a year, however they will generaly take bulk trash items year round if you leave them out. It is just that during bulk trash pickup, they have extra resources scheduled to totally canvas our neighborhood and take everything. You can check out the bulk trash details here, including what they will and won't take. Worst case, if you leave something out, the neighborhood scrappers may take it, and if you list it on Craigslist under free, it may well be gone in a day or even an hour, it just depends on what it is. ANd if they don't take in the first time around, if you can figure out how to break it down and fit it into your trash can, they'll take anything loaded up and bagged properly in the trash can. But please if you have hazardous type materials, go through the proper recycling or disposal process. Google, Facebook, and Nextdoor are your friends!

Random notes about recycling: They will NOT take wet paper products, including wet cardboard. If your cardboard gets wet, either dry it out really well, or just go ahead and put it in the trash. Also, at times cans are knocked over. The guys handling the trash move really fast, and sometimes a can here and there just doesn't quite make it back standing up. It is nothing against you, and it is not common. It is just these guys trying to get their jobs done as quickly as possible. Also, if your trash or recycling is ever missed, go to the round rock refuse website, and they will usually dispatch a truck to pick your stuff up. You can call 512-255-4980 to report any incidents.

There has been some social media discussion about why Round Rock Refuse picks up recycling every other week and not every week. The current contract between the MUD and Round Rock Refuse outlines our every other week recycling pick up. And these municipal style contracts are nearly impossible to change. We renewed our 3 year contract sometime in the fall of 2015, so it comes up for renewal in 2018.

If you support having recycling picked up weekly instead of every other week, the RCNA suggests getting organized and starting the efforts at least a year before the renewal. That means getting the MUD's attention at least by September 2017. And you get the MUD's attention mainly by attending the MUD Board Meetings and presenting your case. These municipal style contracts take an inordinate amount of time to put together, with all the lawyer reviews and the several layers of approvals needed in the process, and going for a last minute change simply will not work.

Another recycling question revolves around what our recyclers will and will not take. This again is under contract, and any changes to be made won't be made until the next contract cycle. Same as above, if you want changes get involved early and often.

In another post someone asked about allowing hazourdous materials to drain into our storm drains - things like oil, paint thinner, gasoline, etc. This is ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL! In Travis County, you can call 311, and they will direct your call to the proper authority. We ALL want to keep our neighborhood and our parks clean and environmentally safe!!

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