By adding your name to the volunteers email list above, you'll be notified of the volunteers we need for upcoming events. You are never under any obligation to help out. This email list will serve more as a shout out to the neighborhood letting everyone who is interested in volunteering know that - yes - we need volunteers! Please consider making yourself available to help our your RCNA and joining this volunteer email list - which is totally separate from our normal RCNA information email list.

Currently, the RCNA Board needs a newsletter staff. We have someone who is willing to do the layout However, we need someone who can handle the ads, and someone who can organize the delivery, and someone who can act as the overall editor. Since we do not currently have this team in place, the newsletter is not showing up at the doors of our residents' homes! You can check our RCNA Board Page or send and email to for more information on how you can help!

Our main events that generally need a lot of manpower are the Annual RCNA Easter Egg Hunt, the Annual RCNA Crawfish Boil, and our Annual Rattan Fest. So if any of those events are coming up - you can bet that we need volunteers! But in reality, we can always use extra sets of hands for whatever event is coming up. So feel free to check out the RCNA 2017 Calendar Of Events and see if some of the upcoming events are calling to you to get involved!

Of course, you are also always welcome to attend one of our monthly board meetings and find out first hand exactly what our needs are!

Thank you so much for expressing an interest in volunteering with the RCNA and in serving your neighborhood! Hopefully we'll see you at one of our events or happy hours or board meetings - or just around the neighborhood - very soon! And why not go ahead and sign up for our volunteer email list below?

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