First of all, you may be asking yourself, what is NAMUD1? This stands for North Austin Municipal Utility District #1. For more information on the MUD, you can check out our page explaining the MUD.

This page however is going to discuss what the advantage and benefits of our MUD is, basically, why are MUD is so awesome!

Two Major Parks

Our MUD maintains both Rattan Creek Park and Robinson Park. These parks are heavily used and very well maintained. Compared to many City of Austin parks, they are immaculate. This includes a free to use basketball court, a free to use sand volleyball court, and private tennis courts as well.

Private Heated Pool

First, yes our pool is heated. It is open and comfortable year round. Second, yes, our pool is private. You have to pay a membership fee, or be a guest of a member, to use it. We do allow out of district (MUD) folks to join, it is just more expensive for them. There have been several cases of neighborhoods being annexed by the city, and the very next day their pools being closed. Many our your neighbors really enjoy that pool!

Private Community Center

Yes, our community center is private, and can be rented by either folks living in the neighborhood or outside parties for very reasonable rates. Yku can check out our community center page for the proper links to reserve rooms. Bottom line, the community center provides a place for the MUD and RCNA boards to meet, along with many other neighborhood groups. It used to be that the MUD meetings would take place in office space DOWNTOWN! It is infinitely easier to attend a MUD meeting when it is in the neighborhood versus downtown for most of us!

Park Playscapes

The MUD has put quite a bit of money into constructing and maintaining the playscapes that you see in our parks. Any parent out there should be very familiar with these!

Hike & Bike Trails

The MUD maintains all the extensive hike & bike trails that are in the neighborhood. You have walked the trails right?

Low Taxes

Whether you realize it or not, our MUD helps to keep our property taxes very low comapred to the City of Austin.