Rattan Creek Neighborhood Association

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May Events

The big event in May is our Annual RCNA Members Only Pool Party! We'll have PoK-e-Jo's BBQ being served up this year - so do your best to get there on time! The event is Saturday, May 14th, from noon - 4pm. Here are detailed directions!

And of course we'll have our monthly happy hour and monthly board meeting on the 2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month, respectively. More specifically, those dates are the 12th for the happy hour and the 19th for the board meeting.

Also worth noting, it is time for pool memberships! The MUD contracts pool management out to Clearwater, who handles the day to day pool operations for the MUD. You can go up to the outside front window of the community center along the walkway by the tennis courts near the pool entrance to pay for your membership, or you can go to the MUD website and print out, fill out, and mail in or take in their pool form!

We hope to see you at our next event!

Thursday 5/12 - Happy Hour
Saturday 5/14 - Annual Members Only Pool Party
Wednesday 5/18 - Monthly MUD Board Meeting
Thursday 5/19 - Monthly RCNA Board Meeting
Monday, 7/4 - Annual Fourth of July Parade
Friday 8/12 - Annual Adult Swim
Saturday 9/24 - Annual Rattan Fest & Deer Park Ranger 5K

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